Thai bicycle market grows sharply


BANGKOK, Jan 16 –Campaigns launched by the government and private agencies have helped push bicycle sales in Thailand to grow over to one billion baht a year now. 

Sales of expensive bicycles valued from Bt10,000 to more than Bt500,000 per unit in 2014 grew more than 100 per cent.

Some of the high-end bicycles produced from carbon fibre weighing slightly more than four kilogrammes–with more than 90 per cent of total production manufactured by well-known European and American companies–which have moved production bases to China and Taiwan.

The market share in Bangkok alone is about 30 per cent while the rest is upcountry, thanks to the campaigns.

As their popularity grows, a company named the LA Bicycle, assigned by overseas concerns to produce bicycles for them has decided to manufacture luxury bicycles for the domestic market.

Tariffs on imported bicycles if certified by sports association in Thailand for used as sport purpose will be only one per cent.

Despite the sharp growth, local bicycle manufacturers still must develop their products so that they could become competitive with those produced overseas.