Tesco Lotus declares to stop selling parrot fish meat


BANGKOK, 22 July 2014  – British retailer Tesco Lotus has announced that parrot fish meat will be no longer available for sale after several environmentalist groups have protested to protect the endangered fish species.

The retail chain said that it has stopped selling parrot fish for consumption, as the company has long implemented a policy to help conserve the environment and natural resources.

Parrot fish play an extremely important role to protect the coral reefs, as they have been known to eat dead corals, parasites, and seaweeds. Their actions help protect the corals from being overgrown with seaweed and the reefs from being littered with waste.

These colorful fish live in tropical waters. In Thailand, it can be found off the western coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea and the eastern coast in the Gulf of Thailand.