TCC backs 2-trillion-baht infrastructure project


BANGKOK, 17 July 2013 The Thai Chamber of Commerce has voiced its support for the government’s 2 trillion baht infrastructure project, saying it will help Thai entrepreneurs cut their operating costs. 

According to Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Isara Vongkusolkit, the 2-trillion-baht mega project is vital to the country’s development, as it will enhance the competitiveness of Thai businesses and connect Thailand with its neighboring countries.

As ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is already around the corner, the chairman said he wanted to see the project get off the ground as soon as possible, adding that the mega project would definitely reduce shipping costs of the Thai business operators.

According to the chairman, Thailand’s costs of shipping are way higher than other countries’s, accounting for up to 15.2 percent of the GDP. The costs comprise 7.2 percent for actual shipping cost, 6.7 percent for warehouse and other services, and 1.3 percent for management.

He further revealed that land transport costs around 1.72 baht per ton per kilometer, whereas the cost for rail transport is 92 satang per ton per kilometer; water transportation is the least expensive– around 64 satang per ton per kilometer.