Substance found in exported Thai durians is non-toxic fungicide


SHANGHAI, 1 June 2015 – The substance discovered in Thai durians exported to China has been identified as fungicide that is harmless to consumers, according to a Thai Consulate letter.

The Agriculture Division of the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Shanghai has issued a formal letter regarding rumors that Thai durians contain harmful substance that were used during production, rebutting these claims that the substance is harmful. The discovered substance has been identifies as fungicide and contains no harms towards consumers. The fungicide was used during harvest and will not cause any harmful effects to consumers.

The letter noted that all Thai durians exported to Shanghai must come from the Good Agricultural Patrice (GAP) certified farms, and pass approval from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ).

Consumers who wish to consume chemical-free produce can choose to consume the organic variant.

The Thai Consulate-General in Shanghai has further stated regarding the informed sales of some durians claimed as Kanyao durians, that the genuine Kanyao durians are round in shape, has long stems at approximately 5 centimetres, and weighs about 3.5-4 kilograms each.