Suan Dusit poll reveals people want the government to urgently deal with high cost of living


BANGKOK, 2 September 2012 – A poll conducted by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, revealed most of the Thai citizens wanted the Yingluck Shinawatra government to concentrate more on controlling the rising cost of living in its second year. 

The poll, conducted under the topic: The Yingluck government moving into its second year, found that 36.93% of the respondents viewed the suppression of narcotics as the most outstanding achievement of this government, followed by the minimum wage and salary increase, 28.12%, and the 30-baht universal medical fee.

34.76% of the respondents rated expensive goods prices as the government’s poorest performance, followed by flood prevention, 30.14% .

Furthermore, 49.42% of the surveyed citizens were of the opinion that the government must stick to its campaign promises, in administering the country in the second year. Asked what they would do first if they were the prime minister, 45.99% of the respondents said they would raise the quality of life of the people and deal with the rising cost of living while 30.87% would tackle the issue of expensive goods. However, 40.17% believed that the government’s operations in its second year would not change, due to political division.