State bank employees wear black against govt’s rice scheme


BANGKOK, Jan 20 — Members of the Labour Union of Thailand’s state-owned Government Savings Bank (GSB) have dressed themselves in black to voice their opposition against any decision allowing the caretaker government to borrow GSB funds to finance the controversial rice pledging scheme.

The bank’s union met today with large numbers of its members dressed in black, while banners have also been put up throughout the GSB’s headquarters on Phahonyothin Road in oppose to lending money to the scheme.

Government Savings Bank union chairman Likhit Klinthanom said most employees disagreed with the ideas despite the government’s direct and indirect efforts in trying to borrow money to finance the programme’s funding.

Mr Likit warned that if the caretaker government tries to press ahead to secure the loans, union members would thoroughly scrutinise its move in order to protect customer savings.

According to Mr Likhit, the union has clearly voiced their opposition against the government’s ongoing attempt to pressure the GSB to loan money as payment for farmers who sold rice to the government’s stockpiles.

Union members nationwide will later submit an official letter to the Public Debt Management Office and the GSB Labour Union nationwide in a bid to pressure the government to call off its attempt.