SRT Lady Passenger Car popular among passengers


BANGKOK, Aug 7 — The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) said that since the agency has started to provide the ‘Ladies and Children Car’, service compartment, it has become quite popular among train passengers. 

In addition, SRT plans to step up its measures against thievery on board its trains.

SRT Information Division chief Nuan-anong Wongchan said since the services of the SRT’s ‘Ladies and Children Car’ was launched on August 1, women and children passengers have shown great interest in using the service provided and reservations in the passenger compartment were fully booked.

Only females riders and children age 10 and under, with the height of 150 centimetres or less are allowed to board the Ladies and Children Car.

The pilot service has been initiated on board eight train routes.

Meanwhile, SRT Acting Governor Prasert Attanan told the press about the improved measures against stealing on the board the trains, that all compartments would be locked at 10pm until 5am the next morning, where train conductors would patrol the train every two hours to prevent any untoward incidents.

Two railway police officers will also patrol the train every hour, starting from midnight until 5am the next morning.

Acting governor Prasert said that in the near future, railway passengers must also provide their ID card numbers when purchasing tickets, and CCTVs would be installed on board the trains within the next two months.