Si Sa Ket gears up to develop jasmine rice


SI SA KET, July 1 — Thailand’s northeastern province of Si Sa Ket has sped up its jasmine rice development strategies, aiming to become one of the top provinces where high-quality jasmine rice is produced.

The Thai Rice Department, in collaboration with Si Sa Ket province, organised the “Thai Jasmine Rice in the Global Market” seminar at which the Si Sa Kat governor Prateep Kiratirekha presided on Tuesday.

The Thai Jasmine Rice in the Global Market seminar was held to present Thailand’s rice development strategies in an effort to improve jasmine rice production, marketing and distribution as well as to promote Thai rice in the global market and increase Thai rice export volume.

The seminar was also aimed to educate Thai farmers and entrepreneurs about rice prices and the trade situation in international market.

The Si Sa Ket governor noted that Thailand is known for its high standard of rice production, especially jasmine rice with a unique aroma grown in the Northeast.

However, the high production cost in Thailand commands higher prices, compared with the rice produced in other countries such as Cambodia, China and Vietnam from which Thailand’s trading partners started to import

According to Gov Prateep, the province will have a budget of more than Bt22 million to establish jasmine rice seed distribution centres in every sub-district to improve high-quality seed supply for farmers and increase the province’s competitiveness in both the national and global markets.