SEC aims to keep Thailand as ASEAN’s capital-raising centre


BANGKOK, Dec 1 —   Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will implement strategies next year to maintain the Thai equity market as ASEAN’s capital-raising centre.

SEC Secretary-General Vorapol Socatiyanurak said the SEC had strategies to keep the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) as the champion of ASEAN amid the fluctuations of fund flows due to the differing stage of economic recovery of other countries.

He said that the SEC would maintain SET’s reliability, protect investors efficiently up to international standard and strengthen listed companies.

The SET will integrate its investment products with those of capital markets in countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion to attract international investors.

In addition, the SEC will efficiently prevent and suppress wrongdoing. It will review regulations and instruments to prevent wrongdoing among listed companies and brokers. It will also improve its acceptance of complaints, internal operations and database.

In 2014 the SEC accused 96 parties in 38 cases under the Securities Exchange Act and six parties in three cases under the Futures Exchange Act. It also fined 110 parties Bt118 million due to 142 offences.