SBPAC to expand markets of Halal products from southernmost provinces


BANGKOK, 3 September 2013The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) is pushing for expansion of Halal industry in the deep South as a way to boost local economy and community empowerment. 

SBPAC Secretary-General Pol.Col.Thawee Sodsong said on Tuesday the center was improving Halal products and developing business knowledge of related entrepreneurs so that they could compete in the world market. The Halal industry could help expand the market of products from the southern border region of Thailand and improve the overall economy, the SBPAC chief said.

According to him, Halal products from the deep South focus on hygienic standards and religious restrictions while modern technologies are applied to add value to the products, the secretary-general said. In 2014, the center will take a more offensive approach to stimulate Halal business expansion and production since it believes that Halal products have the potentials to boost economic conditions of the southern border region.