Sa Kaeo holds Mango Exhibition Fair for 2014


SA KAEO, 23 April 2014 – Sa Kaeo Province is holding its 6th annual Mango Exhibition Fair, and this time around, the event is being held from April 22-28.

Sa Kaeo Provincial Governor Pakarathorn Thienchai presided over the opening ceremony of the Mango Exhibition Fair in the province. Related officials and those engaged in the growing of mangos also participated in the event to showcase their own products.

The venue will be providing visitors with a plethora of mangos to purchase. Moreover, Sa Kaeo province is actively promoting its produce for exports and using its provincial emblem as a logo to advertise quality mango grown from the region.

Visitors will have a chance to attend the fair from April 22-28. Activities in the fair include the best quality mango competition, eating raw and ripe mangos, as well as making som-tam out of mangos and mango with sticky rice.