Russia welcomes foreign investment, prepares to host “World Cup 2018”


BANGKOK, 27 September 2012  – According to the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Russia is welcoming foreign investment in many service businesses in order to prepare the country for “World Cup 2018”. 

Director General of the DITP Nuntawan Sakuntanaga has reported that Russia is now inviting foreign entrepreneurs to invest in hotel, restaurant, and spa industries. As Russia will host the World Cup championship in 2018, it has to develop its hospitality segment and is, therefore, encouraging foreign direct investment or FDI in those areas.

Russia is also planning to let the private sector, especially construction-related companies, to build more facilities in order to improve its infrastructural system.

She added that Russia needs over 6,000 more hotels to host such an international event. The Russian government is also giving investment promotional privileges to attract investors.

Due to a high purchasing power of the Russians, Ms Nuntawan is urging the Thai investors to exploit the opportunity.

Interested investors are invited to visit or contact 1169.