Rice Dept, Local Administration Dept. to collaboratively reduce costs, increase yield


BANGKOK, 09 June 2015 – The Rice Department is seeking cooperation with the Department of Local Administration in restructuring the structure of rice production, with the aim of reducing costs and increasing yield.

According to Chanpithya Shimphalee, director-general of the Rice Department, his agency has signed a collaboration agreement with the Department of Local Administration on joint development of paddy farmers, rice production and rice management. The two departments will work together to empower paddy farmers and rice-growing communities, and improve rice management practices of farmers. The agencies will also collaboratively set up a database to be used by paddy farmers, local communities and other entities. Furthermore, the two departments will work to publicize news related to rice, and monitor developments that are of relevance to rice.

Mr. Chanpithya indicated that through the collaborations, his department was planning to improve access to farmers. He explained that it was difficult for his department to reach farmers if it worked alone, as local branches of the department did not exist in some localities, whereas the Department of Local Administration had officials stationed in all localities and the said officials also had very close relations with farmers.