Rattana Village – A new concept for the elderly


Despite the global recession, people of all nationalities are still choosing to relocate to Thailand, escaping the often harsh winters of their homelands, in exchange for soaring temperatures, an easy going lifestyle and the warmth of Thai people.

Over the years the city of Pattaya has made some inroads into catering for the disabled, with lowered pavements for easy access, ramps into shopping centers and restaurants and now a new village on the outskirts of the city has been specifically designed to make life a bit more comfortable with those who suffer from mobility issues.

Rattana Village is situated in east of the city about fifteen minutes from central Pattaya and sits on 9 rai of land. Phase one is complete with 16 bungalows and phase two will have another 8 houses which will be finished by the year end.

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The houses have been designed to cater for the infirm, the elderly and wheelchair users; the roads are perfectly flat and the homes have a small lip, which tenants can easily manage.

Peace and tranquility are the keywords of Rattana Village, this is a quiet resort away from the bright lights and noise of the city.

Three styles of homes are available starting with the 100 sqm which has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, living room, terrace, car park and garden. The house sits on 200 sqm and is available for rent at only 12,500 baht per month.

The next size up is the 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and terrace carport, etc. The interior is 120 sqm and sits on 218 sqm of land at a cost of 14,000 baht per month.

Lastly is the 3 bed, 3 bathroom version with kitchen etc., as above. The house is 180 sqm and the land is 300 sqm. The 3 bedroom version is available for only 17,000 baht per month.

These houses are not available to purchase and tenants will be contracted to a 2 year agreement.

Rattana Village also has a beautiful swimming pool measuring 8 x 16 meters replete with a Jacuzzi and ramps for ease of access.

Security comes in the form of a high wall that envelops the entire village, with a remote entry gate for cars. No dogs are permitted within the estate.

A monthly maintenance charge of 800 baht is levied and electric is charged at 6 baht per unit and water at 20 baht per unit.

Local amenities range from shop to restaurants, laundries and a number of larger communities are only a few minutes away.

Rattana Village is situated on Soi 15 which can be accessed either from 87 Sukhumvit or Tongkram Tanman Road.

Perspective tenants are advised that the homes do not have braces or lifts although those could be installed at the tenants’ request. If they require assistance, or a carer that can also be arranged through the contacts of the owners.

For more information please call 089 935 4369, 082 209 1452, 089 989 0567 or email: [email protected]