Rainy season to come in late May, growing season to begin in July


The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives plans to restructure the country’s water management system after the end of the dry season in a bid to prevent a recurrence of the present drought crisis.

Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Gen Chatchai Sarikulya disclosed that the government is awaiting the quantitative precipitation forecast from the Meteorological Department before announcing a starting time for the growing season.

According to Gen Chatchai, there have been more than 900 rainmaking operations outside the irrigation zones so far, adding more than 70 million cubic meters of water to reservoirs. Over 3,300 artesian wells have been dug to relieve the plight of drought-stricken residents. Remaining water supplies are considered sufficient for consumption and the ecosystem. However, the situation in non-irrigation areas remains worrying.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department forecasts that the rainy season will commence in the third week of May. The central and eastern regions will be the first to experience rainfall. Scattered thundershowers will arrive in all parts of the country from June until October. The amount of precipitation is likely to be greater than in the previous year.

The Royal Irrigation Department expects the growing season will start in July.