R3 Road helps increase fruit export to China


Bangkok, July 25 2012  – Thai fruit export to China has increased drastically, thanks to the R3 Road. Therefore, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has launched thaifruit-online.com to help Thai fruit exporters attract more Chinese consumers. 

Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Thammarat Wanglee has revealed that the record of fruit trading between Thailand and China through the R3 Road has increased twofold, given going through the R3 Road only takes 2-3 days for shipping, so the fruits stay fresh by the time they get to the destination. The R3 Road starts from Chiang Rai through Boten in Loas and ends in Yunnan, China.

Mr. Thammarat added that the quantity of Thai fruit export in 2011 was approximately 52,000 tons, worth 722 million baht. The record shows that it has increased drastically compared to the 2010’s export of 8,000 tons valued at 90 million baht.

Those fruits shipped through the R3 Road include mangosteens, bananas, durians, grapefruits, longans, pineapples, rambutans, rambutans, and jackfruits.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has launched a website to enable Thai traders and Chinese fruit consumers to benefit from the information provided on the website. The website is www.thaifruit-online.com