PTT sets up energy war room during Myanmar’s temporary gas delivery suspension


BANGKOK, 2 April 2013 Thailand’s oil and gas giant, PTT, has set up a war room to prepare the country for any outage during Myanmar’s temporary gas delivery suspension in April. 

PTT Chief Executive Officer and President Pailin Chuchottaworn said on Monday that the company has launched war room to monitor the country’s energy situation during April 5-14, when natural gas delivery from Myanmar will be suspended for pipeline maintenance.

Mr. Pailin assured that PTT has prepared backup fuel, including diesel and bunker oil, during the aforementioned period.

When asked about possible impact of the suspension on natural gas vehicle (NGV) drivers, Mr. Pailin stated that PTT has prepared backup supplies for the motorists on the western part of the country, where the effect may be somewhat evident.

He also noted that, as a long-term solution to possible power shortage, Thailand is in need of more power plants to cope with higher demand while the public should participate more in energy conservation campaigns.