PTT, Bangchak raise oil prices


BANGKOK, 5 September 2011  – Domestic oil retailers and refineries, PTT Plc and Bangchak Petroleum Plc, have increased their retail prices of benzene, Gasohol E20 and diesel products by 60, 30 and 40 satang respectively, starting from Monday at 05.00 hrs onwards.

The price adjustment at PTT and Bangchak was made after other private retailers have already increased their pump prices; as a result, the new retail oil prices at all PTT and Bangchak stations in Bangkok and its vicinities are as follows:

Benzene 91 now costs 36.57 baht per litre.

Gasohol 95 stands at 36.57 baht and Gasohol 91 at 33.54 baht per litre.

E20 is at 32.04 baht, while E85 at 21.92 baht per litre.

Diesel products are at 27.09 baht per litre.