Provincial shrines ready for vegetarian festival


PHUKET, Oct 2 – Provincial shrines are being prepared for the upcoming vegetarian festival nationwide Oct 5-13.  

The atmosphere is lively in many shrines where people will be able to eat vegetarian for free and for them to gather to pray and observe their precepts.

The shrines in Phuket and Hat Yai in Songkhla are being cleaned and decorated for the vegetarian festival. Ritual accessories for the Chinese Gods-praying ceremonies are also being prepared. Roads are being decorated with red lanterns and yellow flags, symbols of eating vegetarian.

Regarding vegetable prices, Deputy Commerce Minister Yanyong Puangrach said that major farmlands in the North, Northeast, Central and West have not been affected by this year’s flooding and said that there is no impact on the market in terms of prices and supply.

Fresh produce in the market remains sufficient for public use and prices have not risen significantly.