Proposal made to reform security measure in the transportation sector


BANGKOK, 17 Nov 2014, The Engineering Institute of Thailand under HM the King’s Patronage (EIT) has urged the Government to reform the security in the transportation sector, proposing 6 policies for its consideration.

Referring to the record compiled over the past 5 years, the EIT pointed out that there were 2,768 accidents at rail track junctions, 2,109 injuries, 659 deaths, while indicating that 2013’s road accidents caused 578,490 injuries and 6,834 deaths. The EIT said the figures signified a serious flaw in the safety measures in Thailand’s transportation sector.

To remedy the situation, the institute thus proposed that the Government consider implementing 6 measures as follows: All agencies offering public transportation services must plan and implement safety measures in accordance with international standards; barricades at various intersections must be erected; sufficient budget should be provided for related unit to inspect and ensure road safety; the Government should emphasize and promote transportation safety measures, and lend its support to researches and review road safety measures regularly, the EIT added.

Finally, the institute recommended that the Government erect visible accident warning signs, and increase penalties for those who cause accidents.