Private sector urges tourism promotion roadshow


BANGKOK, June 10 –The tourism business sector has asked the government sector to help provide funding to organise roadshow to improve the country’s image and create confidence among visitors.

Western Region Thai Hotels Association chairman Wasan Kittikul said that the effect of the political instability, as well as the military coup and curfew have caused the numbers of foreign tourists to the country to decline.

The western association asked the Thai Hotels Association to urgently restore the country’s image to bring back confidence among visitors.

Mr Wasan asked the government to provide more support for the tourism sector and to fund tourism entrepreneurs to lay out their tourism promotion plans and roadshows, both domestically and internationally, to improve the country’s image in the eyes of the world community and bring back tourism confidence to Thailand.

The business operator said that private organisations must create a network among domestic tourism businesses to allow a flow of income into every region of the country.

The tourism atmosphere in Cha-am and Hua Hin greatly improved after the curfew was lifted in both locations.

Asian tourists have shown great understanding regarding the current Thai political situation, he said, but European visitors would need more time to get used to the idea and to fully understand the situation.