Private sector reveals fluctuating global economy makes business planning difficult


BANGKOK, 22 Nov 2013 CEO of the Surapon Foods Public Company Limited, Surapon Wongwattanaroj has admitted the fluctuating global economy makes business planning difficult.

He speculated the world’s economy next year would remain uncertain and would likely affect the exchange rate of the baht currency, inevitably complicating the business planning.

Mr. Surapon also said that political tension remains another crucial factor, as it can disrupt government policies and cooperation projects between the government and private sectors.

Nonetheless, he mentioned that the private sector had survived several predicaments in the past, and the experience has developed a vaccine for the businesses to immunize themselves and be able to move forward no matter how tense a political scene has become. Mr. Surapon expressed his hope that the current situation would return to normal as soon as possible.