Private sector continues Cambodia trade despite border conflict


BANGKOK, April 29 – Thailand’s private sector will continue trading with their Cambodian exporters and buyers, inside Cambodia as usual, although the countries are locked in a border conflict, says Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) Chairman Dusit Nontanakorn.

He said businesspersons are able to distinguish trade problems from the border woes and national sovereignty, which are different matters the military must cope with.

Although the closure of two border checkpoints had reduced bilateral trade somewhat, business activities are continuing to proceed for the sake of the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015

At present, he said, cooperation between Thailand and Cambodia in various areas had not yet been suspended. The chamber hoped that the border conflict would end soon.

Regarding local economic development, Mr Dusit said, the chamber wanted the government to allow fuel prices to move in accordance with market mechanism, perhaps, from next month onwards.

The government might float oil prices gradually to ensure that the public realises the energy savings and the private sector makes appropriate adjustments.

At the same time, should the government want to increase the minimum wage, he said, the private sector is ready to support, but wage increases hike must follow enhanced labour skills.