Pork and egg prices stable; vegetable prices rising


BANGKOK, 18 June 2013 According to the Commerce Ministry, prices of pork and eggs in markets across Bangkok are stable, while prices of some vegetables have been raised. 

The latest survey shows that most of goods sold in fresh markets in Bangkok are still at the same price, including pork which is selling at 123 baht per kilogram, size-two eggs at around 3.7-3.8 baht each, size-three eggs at 3.55-3.65 baht apiece, spring onions at 60-70 baht per kilo, parsley at the price of 170-180 per kilo, long beans at 35-38 baht per kilogram, and cucumbers at 18-20 baht per kilo.

The survey however shows that the price of swamp cabbage sold in the market has been raised from 15-18 baht to 20-22 baht per kilogram.