Poll: People interested in product, energy price news the most


BANGKOK, 30 July 2012 – According to a poll, most people are most interested in news related to consumer product and energy prices, urging the government to adjust their policies on alleviating high living costs. 

The ABAC Poll, conducted by Assumption University, surveyed over 2,200 people across the country on their opinions on hot news and government’s performance.

The poll result for the past seven days revealed that over 90 percent of the people paid attention to the news on product and energy prices as well as the government’s policies aimed at assisting them with the rising living costs. Other interesting news stories are the hand, foot, and mouth disease outbreak, southern unrest, constitution amendment, and the Olympics.

When asked about the government’s policies in the first half of 2012 that needed improvement, commodity price adjustment is on top of the list, followed by drug suppression, and the handling of the southern unrest policies.

Meanwhile, the best performance by the government is creating good image, as Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is seen as a hard-working woman.