Political turmoil delays 2014 budget disbursements


BANGKOK 6 January 2014 The Comptroller- General’s Department (CGD) has admitted that budget disbursements for 2014 might miss the annual target as the political conflicts in the country will delay how the government budge is allocated. 

Comptroller-General Manat Chamweha stated that the seizures of government agencies during the end of 2013 have already caused the budget disbursement to miss its annual target.

Other budget allocations have now been delayed as it is still not clear how the political conflict would end. According to Mr. Manat, the protesters’ planned shutdown of Bangkok on January 13 will also have adverse effects on how the government utilizes and plans the country’s exprnditures; for example, seminars would have to be postponed, governmental procurement would have to be put on hold, etc.

The Comptroller-General’s Department (CGD), however, has prepared a contingency plan to handle the upcoming January 13 protest to shutdown Bangkok in order to be able to allow proper budget disbursement to service the people.

Nonetheless, Mr. Manat stated that there would be a 4-month delay in the 2015 budget allocation, not the regular budget disbursement, but how the budget would be invested into the economy, as setting up a new government after an election and issuing policies usually take up a considerable amount of time.