Political protest diminishes sales of heavy trucks


BANGKOK, 10 Feb 2014  According to the Thai Autoparts Manufacturers Association (TAMA), the ongoing political gatherings have diminished sales of heavy trucks. 

TAMA Honorary President Prasartsilp On-Att said that the political demonstrations and the nation’s political instability have caused a contraction in the local investment sector which directly influences the sales of heavy trucks. He said the chain reaction has so far reduced the sales of truck auto parts by 70 percent, adding that smaller vehicle sales have also suffered, although in a more modest scale.

Mr. Prasartsilp said the association earlier projected that Thailand would be able to assemble 2.7 million cars this year; however, the tally has now been adjusted to lower than 2.5 million.

He said that the manufacturers are still getting by, thanks to the massive orders of auto parts made during the implementation of the government’s first car scheme. He implied that the loss would be more severe if the political situation does not improve soon.