PM says 90-baht-per-kilo price for rubber appropriate


BANGKOK, 7 September 2013 The Prime Minister said the price of para rubber at 90 baht per kilogram is appropriate, while asking the protesters to call off their demonstrations. 

During the “PM Yingluck Meets the People” program on NBT, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has affirmed the government’s intentions to help rubber growers as the government will guarantee the price of rubber at 90 baht per kilogram, while asking the remaining protesters to look from the government’s side as it is doing its best to resolve the situation, adding that the 90-baht-per-kilo price is the highest the government is able to pay.

Miss Yingluck also asked the protesters to call off their demonstrations as the ongoing protests are affecting commuters and other people involved.

However, the Premier admitted that the guaranteed 90-baht price is only a short-term solution, adding that the government is keen on finding a long-term solution to the problem, so that the rubber industry can see a sustainable growth.

As for those protesters in Songkhla who said they would gather at Sadao border on September 14th, Miss Yingluck said she had assigned the governor to go talk to the protesters and forward their requests to the meeting.