PM meet with US-ASEAN Business Council to discuss trade and investment


BANGKOK, 12 March 2012 – Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has met with representatives from the US-ASEAN Business Council to discuss the government’s confidence measures and business opportunities. 

Following a meeting with the US-ASEAN Business Council, Prime Minister Yingluck revealed that over 50 foreign companies have expressed interest to invest in the Asian region. The discussion focused on the government’s policies and measures to build confidence among entrepreneurs who wish to invest in Thailand and othe countries in the Asian region. As both parties are ready to engage in a mutual cooperation, the Minister of Industry has been assigned to coordinate with the business sector to facilitate trade and investment.

Regarding the soaring fuel price and its impact on goods price, the Prime Minister has instructed the Minister of Energy to devise both short- and long-term solutions to the problem. Prime Minister Yingluck has also insisted that the government will keep a close eye on the issue of the cost of living and energy prices. She added that the public will be informed as soon as a final conclusion has been reached.