PM: Improvement of community economy for a sustainable prosperity


BANGKOK, 27 September 2011 -Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra admitted that the global economy had sent the Thai stock market plunging to the lowest level but assured that the government would tackle the issue by promoting household economy.

Ms. Yingluck said the impact from the global economy on Thailand came from the fact that Thailand relied too much on export to the U.S., Europe and China. The government will build strong economy from within the country and boost investors’ confidence by focusing on increasing household incomes.

The Prime Minister added that it was not an urgent matter to set up a fund to handle economic uncertainties given that stocks have plunged virtually at the same level in many countries in this region and that Thailand still remained attractive to investors.

Ms. Yingluck said all suggestions from the private sector were welcomed and insisted that the government had only adopted the policy that would drive the economy of the country forward. It is now focusing on encouraging investments at the community level to provide a strong economic foundation for the Thai people.