PM: human trafficking suppression to be escalated as a national agenda


Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha on Friday, March 27 vowed to make human trafficking suppression a national priority.

According to the prime minister, Thailand’s fishing industry has been plagued with human trafficking problems in the past ten years, which must be seriously addressed. He said he had assigned General Prawit Wongsuwan to oversee the problem.

Officials have been dispatched to Benjina islands in Indonesia to discuss with Indonesian authorities what should be done to rescue Thai fishermen who have been tricked into working in the archipelago illegally.

He said the Thai government had been doing everything it possibly could to bring those workers back home.

He also said human trafficking suppression is now a national priority, stressing that the issue can only be eradicated if both the government and the public sectors as well as the neighboring nations and ASEAN member countries join hands tackling it seriously.