Phitsanulok farmlands to be irrigated one month early this year


BANGKOK, 19 May 2015 – The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is opting to address the problem of flooded paddies in Phitsanulok by discharging water from reservoirs one month ahead of the regular discharge time.

According to Petipong Pungbun Na Ayudhya, the minister of agriculture and cooperatives, farmers on the plains of the Yom and Nan rivers frequently have to endure the problem of flooded paddies toward the end of the harvesting period. In order to address this problem, water discharge will be made one month sooner so that farmers can work on their paddies one month in advance. Consequently, harvest will likely take place in September.

The Royal Irrigation Department has been discharging water to farmers in Phitsanulok since April. 1.94 million cubic meters of water is expected to be discharged from Naresuan Dam during the rainy season. It is expected to benefit approximately 95,750 rai of farmlands.

Irrigation Department officials indicated that, with the earlier discharge of water, farmers should be able to harvest their crops before the flood season arrives in September.