Phitsanulok farmers demand payment under rice pledging scheme


PHITSANULOK 24 January 2014 Phitsanulok farmers have closed off the Indo-China Intersection to demand payment for rice sold to the government under its rice pledging scheme. 

Rice farmers in Phitsanulok have closed off the Indo-China Intersection in the province to obstruct traffic and demand their due payment of rice from the government, though saying that their protests had nothing to do with the ongoing demonstrations in Bangkok.

The farmers have proposed that if the state is unable to pay them for their rice, they would like their paddy to be returned in full amount together with an added 5% interest due to the interest rate they had to take on during their time waiting for the government’s payment.

Meanwhile, Phitsanulok’s governor had made an official apology to the farmers, and expressed his sympathy to the protesters – adding that he will try his best to expedite the payment process and liaison with the government.