PC Air sues two South Korean companies


BANGKOK, Jan 10 – Thailand’s PC Air sued two South Korean companies following last year’s case where the carrier’s passengers were left stranded at South Korea’s Incheon Airport.

PC Air’s CEO Peter Chan told a news conference that the airline charged a South Korean oil company and Skyjet travel agent in South Korea, asking the two companies to compensate Bt1.5 billion to PC Air.

Mr Chan said the case is now in process in South Korea, and police are compiling documents for the prosecutor before forwarding the case to the court.

According Mr Chan, Skyjet had illegally asked PC Air to pay fuel fee, which the airline said it had already done at US$160,000. The South Korean oil company also asked PC Air to pay an extra sum of $600,000, he said.

However, PC Air refused to pay the sum for it said was not aware of the reason, causing the oil company to not fill the fuel tank for the airline and as a result the plane could not depart and left its passengers stranded in October last year at Incheon Airport.

PC Air returned the passengers to Thailand by Oct 19, 2012, and started a lawsuit against the two companies.

Chan said the legal action is meant to raise awareness and make it as a case study to other private airlines.