Pattaya hoteliers learn to buy from ‘green’ suppliers at Green Leaf conference


More than 100 Pattaya-area hoteliers learned how to stock their resorts with environmentally friendly products at a Green Leaf Foundation suppliers conference.

The Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa hosted the March 22 conference attended by members of the Thai Hotels Association Eastern Chapter.

Jiraphon Sintunava, vice president of the Green Leaf Foundation, spoke on the importance of selecting environmentally friendly products for tourism businesses. Doing so would reduce the impact on the environment, conserve natural resources and energy, and meet the goal of sustainable tourism.

Dr.Jiraphon Sutunava, Vice President of Green Leaf Foundation.

The program also dovetailed with work by the co-sponsoring Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration to create knowledge and understanding on developing “green” attractions for Pattaya.

DASTA is coordinating governments and business in the greater Pattaya area while the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion is evaluating environmental systems management for businesses joining the project and publicizing their efforts to the public.

Jiraphon said people were aware of environmental issues and are looking for service providers whose view on the global environment match their own.

“Everyone knows that they must turn off the lights, change the bulbs, and save water. We know this better than others in this region,” he said. “People’s problem presently was they know, but haven’t done anything until it became a serious problem.”