Northern haze costsThai tourism more than THB50bil in revenue loss


BANGKOK, 10 March 2012  – The haze crisis in Thailand’s North has cost the tourism industry tens of billions of baht in lost revenue, according to the Thai Tourism Authority. 

Accrding to Mr. Suphakit Polachan, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)’s northern office, the haze crisis that has hit 8 provinces in the North for many weeks have taken its toll on the travel industry.

He stated that the unresolved air pollution has led more than 10 percent of travelers, both local and foreign, to cancel their bookings. As a result, around THB50 billion of expected tourism revenue has been lost.

Mr. Suphakit is worried that unless the crisis is resolved before the beginning of April, when holiday-makers are expected to visit the region to enjoy the annual Songkran festival, more damage will be done to the travel business.

The TAT’s northern office director went on to say that a number of travel agencies have cancelled their organized trip schedules to Chiang Rai, the move that is hitting local hotels and accommodations considerably.