New skilled labor standards to be applied in logistics industry


The Department of Skill Development (DSD) and Thai Logistics and Production Society (TLAPS) held a joint seminar last week to promote skilled workers in the logistics industry.  More than 100 representatives from logistics companies attended the event which focused on the enhancement of skilled labor to meet industry demands as well as global standards and compensation rates.

DSD Deputy Director-General Suphop Pingta said the government is determined to bolster the logistics industry, as Thailand is now part of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).  Under the regional integration, member countries are to welcome the free flow of labor and services.

Mr. Suphop said logistics workers are considered to be a primary cost for business entrepreneurs.  If their skills improve, other costs involving product delivery, warehouse management, product distribution, and the trade of goods will lessen.

He added that new standards have already been applied in 15 different types of logistics companies.  Another 10 fields are expected to approve and apply new standards before the end of next year.