NCPO: All Border crossings to be developed for AEC


BANGKOK, 8 July 2014  – Mr. Akhom Termpittayapaisit, Secretary General of the office of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) announced that the NCPO has agreed to the NESDB request to develop the business along the border especially the border crossings with Malaysia of Sadao and Padang Besar District Border Crossings, which generate high trading value for the country.

A railways development project is also to be developed to support the transportation of goods from Singapore passing through Malaysia, Thailand to China.

Another 94 border crossings in 31 provinces across the country will also to be developed to increase the trading value of goods sold along the border, for one of Thailand’s major export markets is ASEAN representing up to 25% of Thailand’s total export value. For this reason it’s important to quickly develop the infrastructure along the country’s border crossings, so the NCPO has assigned the project to related sectors to come up with a 5-year plan regarding border crossings development project for the NCPO to consider.