More small-sized eggs to be released to market amid soaring egg prices


BANGKOK, 29 May 2013 The Department of Internal Trade (DIT) will begin to distribute more than 100 million small-sized eggs within this week in a bid to alleviate consumers’ burden from the soaring egg prices. 

Deputy Minister of Commerce Nattawut Saikua said the DIT had found that there were about 100 million size 4 and size 5 eggs stored in cold storage warehouses of 4-5 entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs have not distributed the eggs since they are small and consumers prefer bigger sizes.

Mr Nattawut revealed that due to their low prices, the small-sized eggs would be distributed nationwide soon in order to cater to consumers who could not afford larger eggs, which had become expensive after the recent price adjustment.

The eggs will be sold at slightly above three baht apiece.