Moon cake outlets to enjoy sales rise to Bt750 million


BANGKOK, Sept 18 – Mooncake outlets are likely to enjoy a sales rise to Bt750 million as prices surge 3-5 per cent during the popular Chinese Moon Festival, which falls on September 19 this year, according to Kasikorn Thai Research Centre (KResearch)

KResearch speculates that weak purchasing power among customers who buy moon cake for personal consumption or as gifts to senior relatives could lead to sales drop, though sales volume generated from customers who buy mooncakes as offerings to ancestors will likely remain at the same level as last year.

The centre explained that despite a slowdown in the number of mooncake products sold this year, total revenue is expected to reach as much as Bt750 million following a 3-5 per cent price surge.

Despite reduced purchasing power, mooncake outlets have in the meanwhile vigorously introduced new products to the market and the products are distributed through more varied channels on one hand or sold directly to the loyal customers.

Thai mooncake buyers will also enjoy various promotions, while customers can easily access the traditional products at fully contemporary sales venues.