MOC to control 7 ready-to-eat dishes


BANGKOK, 14 June 2012  –The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) will be controlling 7 different main dishes of ready-to-eat meal. This policy will cover 38 provinces in Thailand.

Yanyong Phuangrach, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Commerce, revealed after a meeting on Monday, June 13 2012, that there would be 7 listed meals that needed price controlling as follows: rice with pork or chicken, rice with pork or chicken basil,

rice with 1 or 2 toppings, noodle with pork or chicken, rice with egg in brown sauce, will be 30 baht per dish, except in the South, where the dishes would be priced 35 baht; while rice with omelet will be 20 baht in the 38 provinces and 25 baht in southern provinces.

Porridge with pork or chicken will be 25 baht, and 30 baht in the South. This policy is to be effective in food courts, fresh markets, restaurants, department stores, government facilities, and gas stations over 38 different provinces.

Mr. Yanyong also stated that the policy would be enforced at the end of this week and will be evaluated every 2 weeks. Those found to have violated the policy would face a fine of up to 140,000 baht, or up to 7 years imprisonment; or both.