Ministry of Public Health gears up to raise the public health officers income


BANGKOK, ANGKOK, 20 August 2014 – The Ministry of Public Health is gearing up to increase the wages and salaries of officials in positions of responsibility as instructed by the Chief of the National Council for Peace and Order, Prayuth Chan-ocha

The Deputy Permanent Secretary for Health Wachira Pengjan disclosed that the ministry is ready to increase the salaries of state officers and employees to help them make ends meet in the everyday cost of living. The measure covers officers base salary and cost of living allowances and OT pay.

The Ministry is planning to increase salaries of 300,000 officers and employees nationwide by 1 April 2015. The salaries of civil servants will be adjusted to reflect their skills and the current economic condition. The department will also set up a committee to consider increasing beneficiary and special incentives to the officers and employees who are working in the southern border provinces of Thailand. In September, authorities will study the potential impact of the pay rise policy, especially the impact on wages of high-ranking civil servants and the results should be announced soon. The rise is believed to morally support civil servants and employees who serve the country.


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