You might have missed out on a great conference: discover who spoke and their secrets


On July 2-3, 2016, 360 Degree Business Mastery hosted an amazing event to a crowd of 500+ attendees at the Sofitel Hotel Sukhumvit in Bangkok. There was nobody in the halls chitchatting while the event was taking place. This is rarely seen today with the proliferation of seminars thrown throughout the country these days. Why was this event different from the rest? The quality of the speakers and the incentives given away to attendees were certainly keys to getting butts back in the seats after the breaks. iPads, iPhones and iWatches were raffled to only those in their seats. A packed house was guaranteed to the speakers and the promoters delivered as promised.

On Saturday morning emcee Vichai Rommie revved up the crowd to his loud voice getting people pumped up with his repeating of “YES or NO” in the native Thai language. He is a bilingual sales and mindset expert who was able to showcase his skills as an emcee and provided the proper introductions of the morning speakers.

Sanguan Wiboonkan­cha­nakul, one of the partners of USP (Ultimate Success Partners) was able to provide tons of marketing stats and tools to captivate the crowd. Sanguan is affectionately referred to as “Papa” by his peers and friends due to his calming demeanor and fatherly advice he so freely shares.

Next up was American Mitch Carson (yours truly) who joined Sanguan in sharing the latest media trends contrasting with the older media such as podcasting vs. traditional radio. Also covered were the importance of possessing a LinkedIn profile, YouTube Channel, Periscope setup to provide live video feeds, and how to create a celebrity presence in your niche or business sector.

Alan P. Hill from the UK was able to share his secrets to creating wealth and proved his systems, which have enabled him and his spouse to travel the world for 18 months without any financial pressures.

Line marketing expert Chai­yapon Chawanwanitchai captivated the Thai audience with his interesting topic. He also provided the latest trends in mobile marketing. Did you know mobile searches have exceeded desktop searches since 2014? Line is the most popular SMS platform in Thailand and has a membership of 200 million people.

Business Networking International (BNI) had Kollakit Thalerngnawachart share the importance of your networking and group associations in Thailand.

Sunday began with a powerful presentation from USP partner Chana Wanichuapun. Personality-based selling was revealed to the crowd with the B.A.N.K. system, which proved to be valuable as many ran to be licensees and sell the system as their tool to business growth.

Singapore native Fabian Lim was a returning speaker who completely captivated the crowd with an airtight system using Facebook to fill any seminar. He had heaps of proof, which lead people to attend his upcoming workshop.

American Paul Maguire shared his wisdom and business ideas with a hungry crowd. Along with Alan P. Hill and Fabian Lim, Dr. Maguire is a licensed pilot and distilled his moneymaking skills to that of a pilot’s flight plan. Know your destination. Get the map out for planning. Pre-flight check all your systems. Make sure you have enough fuel (money). Take off (take action) and you will get to the desired destination with your business.

The good news is USP will be conducting another lineup of great international and Thai speakers in September. Stay tuned and you will learn how you can get discounted tickets when you mention Pattaya Mail.