MCOT projects Bt800 million revenue in 3 years from digital TV boxes


BANGKOK, April 2 – MCOT Plc, one of Thailand’s leading broadcasters, has projected over Bt800 million revenue in the next three years from selling set top boxes for digital TV broadcasting which was officially launched yesterday.

MCOT President Anek Permwongseni said the company targeted selling two million units of MCOT HD boxes in the first year.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission will distribute rebate coupons for the purchase of set top boxes to 22 million households to enable viewers’ accessibility to high-definition TV.

Each household owns two TV sets on average and the demand for set top boxes will be as high as 44 million units, or a total value of Bt44 billion, he said.

Set top box for digital reception will become a major market in Thailand, he said, adding that MCOT is jointly producing MCOT HD Box with two major partners – Planet Communication Asia Co and Createch Marketing and Trading Co.

MCOT HD boxes will be available at leading department stores and convenience stores.