MCOT collaborates with South Korea’s leading digital business to generate higher revenue


BANGKOK, Jan 29 – Thailand’s leading broadcasting company, MCOT Plc, on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with South Korea’s Intellicode Thai Company, to develop digital business in Thailand, aiming to generate a higher income of at least Bt65 million/year. 

MCOT President Anek Permvongseni and Intellicode Thai CEO Hwang Byoung Woo signed the agreement at MCOT, agreeing to jointly develop MCOT’s new media business, which comprises websites, mobile phones, and smart TV, to provide the audience edutainment varieties from South Korea.

Mr Anek told the news conference that he believed technology from South Korea such as video search technology (Enswers Image Recognition) and voice search technology (Enswers Audio Recognition, or ‘EAR’) would enable MCOT to become a leading provider in digital business in Thailand and ASEAN.

Mr Woo, meanwhile, said the collaboration will enable MCOT to become the most advanced provider of digital content in Thailand and ASEAN, as well as the most interesting station for those enjoying or looking for South Korean edutainment through the ‘Soompi’ website, an English language website, and one of the largest international Internet communities, providing coverage of Korean pop culture (K-Pop).

The Soompi Thailand website will be established and developed to attract the Thai audience.

Other areas of the cooperation include advancing Information Technology, developing applications on mobile phones and smart TV, transforming communication systems from analog to digital, and enlarging Korean edutainment varieties.

Intellicode Thai Co.,Ltd. is partnered with Enswers, South Korea’s audiovisual search company and a subsidiary company of Korea Telecom, and Alicast, one of the world’s leading TV software developers.