MBMG Group joins GGI Geneva Group International


Global multidisciplinary alliance membership helps to further enhance the Thailand-based firm’s international presence and capabilities

Bangkok, 21st April 2015 – MBMG Group is pleased to announce that it is now a member of the invitation-only GGI Geneva Group International, the largest global multidisciplinary alliance of independent accounting, audit, law, and consulting firms.

With its membership in GGI, MBMG Group has significantly increased its international presence and global capabilities by gaining access to GGI’s local professional service experts. The alliance spans more than 448 member firms and 651 offices across over 115 countries. These specialists have in-depth knowledge of the legal, fiscal and economic practices, specific to their own business environments.

“MBMG Group is honoured to be invited and confirmed as a Bangkok-based member firm of the GGI Geneva Group International,” said Paul Gambles, co-founder and managing partner of MBMG Group. “MBMG is glad to be joining Dherakupt International Law Office as the only two members of the GGI network in Thailand. In-depth understanding of the local legal, audit, accounting, tax and business issues in different countries is imperative for companies to be successful in their cross-border activities. GGI participation helps us ensure that our clients have the utmost competitive advantage through access to reliable experts on the ground in diverse regions of the world. This level of local expertise can be difficult to find through other avenues.

“As GGI expands its presence in all major business centres, it was clear we needed to find a strong organization that could serve as a lynchpin in Bangkok: MBMG Group helps us fulfil that strategy,” said Claudio Cocca, founder and chairman of the GGI’s Board of Directors. “MBMG Group has successfully served clients regionally – and indeed across Thailand. The reputation of the firm’s experts is second to none. We are very glad to welcome MBMG Group to the GGI family.”