Many plant owners expected to apply to sell electricity from rooftop panels


BANGKOK, 13 September 2013 A large number of factory owners are expected to apply for permits to sell electricity generated from rooftop solar panels, after the government announced it will buy such electricity at 6.16 baht to 6.96 baht per unit. 

Energy Regulatory Commission secretary-general Kawin Thangsuphanit indicated that the government will take applications for the Solar PV rooftop electricity sale during September 23 and October 11. The rooftop electricity purchasing scheme will be supported for 25 years. According to him, many industrial plant owners are expected to apply to join the scheme.

Although the cost of rooftop solar panels run at 60,000 baht per 1 kilowatt of solar cell, such investment is worthwhile because it would take only 6-7 years to break even at the prices set by the government, Mr. Kawin said.