Managing SMEs during the fourth industrial revolution


With K.M. Consulting Corp

Peerasan Wongsri, director of Green Orange Media Group, sat down to talk with Nithinpong Kaluehakosol, founder of the K.M. Consulting Corp. about the latter’s firm new approach to corporate consulting and human-resource management for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Peerasan Wongsri: Can you tell us a little about your business?

Nithinpong Kaluehakosol: K.M. Consulting Corp. was founded in 2014 with the purpose of organizing development of SMEs at a reasonable price.

We understand that many SMEs need to develop their organizational system and management to align with global standards. But doing that comes at a high cost.

PW: What are the standards and guidelines created by KMCC to produce products that would attract customers and business firms?

NK: KMCC created four advanced products to serve our customers, the first being HIT: Human Innovative Technology. Products are created to serve the new “digital economy”. We have five products in our HIT pipeline. In 2018, KMCC plans to launch “WeGoals”. This is performance formulation, performance consistency monitoring and performance evaluation processes for SMEs. Many businesses set annual targets and monitor their progress at the end of the year. Therefore, there is a gap between goals and how to make those goals succeed. This application provides service to close these gaps.

From 2019-2020, we plan to launch “WeFind” which is a recruitment application, “WeLearn”, a human resources development application, and “WeTime”, a new workforce time-management application.

Second, success means consultant services, the foundation of KMCC’s business. It is about “transformation”, including business transformation, people transformation, process transformation and technology transformation. We have a good platform of resources to match demand and supply.

The third product is FACT. It is a business research, publication and documentation product.

Fourth is FAST, aimed at human resources service delivery. This service aims to solve HR issues such as resignations, recruiting and training. For consultative training we offer a new training monitoring tool which can identify levels of individual intellectual agility and organizational agility.

PW: Apart from the visions and standards, what has made KMCC successful?

NK: Over the past 10 years, I’ve found that the growth of employees can certainly be an issue and that the family method no longer remains effective. Each and every individual must have a standard base and have knowledge within. When they run into problems, at least they have the knowledge to find a solution. As a business owner, I have always valued structure and team building. It’s like building a tower, which must have a proper base. Otherwise it will start tumbling down. This is why each and every company has their policies and processes. It is also my duty to create a foundation within the company. That way I can take things into consideration and consider setting wages, giving responsibilities and overall managing the company with ease when I know we all have a proper base.

NK: If staff members have a proper base, then it is not an issue whatsoever. It’s like giving an assignment to somebody and then realizing that some particular employee has been working for you for a long time and their wages will be taken into consideration. From start to present, there are still areas to improve regardless, so it’s all about experiences and progression.

PW: Are the majority of your customers Thai or foreign?

NK: We have a variety of clients who request us to organize HR, including several big brand companies. We help manage firms from five to 1,000 people. Our slogan is “We Drive Your Success” and some people sometimes ask what that means. Our customers are our priority and we respond to all needs accordingly. Regardless of what obstacles a company might throw at us, we will put our heads together and overcome it.

NK: Today, the world is changing and technology has replaced many people. We offer human-resource management with great tools to get a business started. We believe in human potential and technology. We believe that it drives SME businesses to success in the new economic paradigm as we enter the fourth industrial revolution.

KMCC can be contacted at: 089 636 2244, Email: [email protected] website: