LPG to increase by 25 satang, effective August 16 onwards


BANGKOK, 15 August 2012  – The National Energy Policy Committee has decided to raise the LPG price for the transportation sector by 25 satang per kilogram, effective on August 16th onwards. 

Energy Minister Arak Chonlatanon has revealed that the National Energy Policy Committee has agreed to lift the LPG price for transport from 21.13 baht to 21.38 baht per kilogram, after the global liquid petroleum gas (LPG) price has been raised to 775 US dollars per ton.

As for the LPG for cooking, Mr Arak said it would remain at 18.13 baht per kilogram. The committee also decided to maintain the NGV price at 10.50 baht per kilogram, pending the study of the new price structure.


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