Low-income households and small food vendors now eligible for cooking gas subsidy


BANGKOK, 27 August 2013 The Energy Ministry is issuing measures to assist low-income earners who use cooking gas, who might otherwise be affected by the price rise slated to take place on September 1. 

According to the ministry, subsidy will be provided for low-income households, based on electricity bills indicating that such households used no more than 90 power units per month, as well as households that did not use electricity. There are as many as 7.5 million households that fall under this category. Each household will receive subsidy, allowing it to buy up 18 kilograms of cooking gas at capped price for each quarter.

For food vendors, subsidy will be provided according to real usage, but will cover no more than 150 kilograms per month. To be eligible, the vendor must use gas tanks that did not exceed 15 kilograms capacity and must not have more than 50 square meters of business area. As many as 168,000 vendors fall under this category.

Each household or vendor can check for their eligibility at the district office, local administrative organization or municipality office in their areas.